Overview of the major manufacturers of fans.

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    How to choose a fan?

    Fans Vents

    When in the street heat and stuffiness indoors, it's time to go to the store for a fan. In fact it helps to restore the comfortable living conditions. The oldest ancestor of the modern fan is a fan. Since ancient times, it can be seen in the hands of any lady. Even some two decades ago was a noisy fan buzzing device with a motor. But today, of course, this handy device is somewhat altered, and increasingly in the home or office use consumers establish the so-called split systems - more advanced "smart" devices. But ordinary household fan - certainly not such as it was before, today is a very popular household appliance.

    If you live in a stuffy apartment became unbearable, and you're going to go in search of the fan, we want to give you some advice. We are confident they will help you make the right choice.

    Fans Dospel

    So, if you are going to buy is a fan, you should know that the simplest ventilation device was not fully able to cope with the task of creating a comfortable environment. But, of course, and the price of domestic fans will be much lower than the budget conditioner or cleaner. Although, in fairness, it should be said that modern fans functions much more than their predecessors. Some, for example, the function of exhaust systems and can save space on a hard hot air, as well as odors and dust.

    The first thing you need to decide is with what exactly you need a fan - table, floor or ceiling. It depends on the type of room. Table fan is ideal for a small room. It is installed on any hill - often on the table. However, the radius of rotation of this device is small - only 90 degrees. But it is convenient fan, especially the fact that it can be easily moved from one room to another.

    Fans Electrolux

    If the room needs better ventilation, it is wiser to buy a floor fan. It also can be easily moved from one room to another, as well as desktop, and he also has a rotation angle of 90 degrees. But this device is much better directs air flow in different directions, penetrating even in remote places, and more efficiently cools the space.

    In that case, if you want to effectively cool a large area, such as workplace or, for example, a large shopping center, it is worth to buy a ceiling fan. Due to the fact that he has a very powerful and massive blades is possible for a small amount of time to create a comfortable environment in a fairly large room.

    Fans Daewoo

    Before buying it is important to determine the fan with the amount you are willing to spend on buying. Since its price depends on the number of functions. For example, the extra "penny" and have to shell out for a remote control device, and the presence of several high-speed modes, and for the bilateral grid, ensuring complete safety device during operation. Last particularly important for families who have young children.

    Another item of expenditure - additional features of the device. If you wish to use the fan was as comfortable as possible for you, then buying it, you should pay attention to some of the parameters necessary for you. For example, if you have to from time to time include a fan, for example, at night, it is important to attend to, whether the instrument lights. If you care about programming and automatic shut-off, it is better to buy a model with a timer.

    Fans Bork

    Another interesting feature for which many are willing to shell out some funds, this sensor presence. With this option, the fan comes in working condition only when there are people in the room, and in their absence - is automatically disabled. In addition, buying expensive model fan, you can buy several devices "in one bottle." For example, some devices are available for special capsule aroma oils, and others - the function of air ionization.

    Some people believe that with the advent of modern air conditioners fans lost their relevance. But what with the onset of heat, they never lie around on the shelves, it is an indisputable fact. Cheap compact models, though inferior to expensive counterparts in functionality, yet not lose their position in the market for ventilation equipment. This is eloquently unchanging consumer demand for these devices.



    Overhead fans Systemair BF120S
    Systemair BF120S

    Overhead fans Dospel Styl 100 SK
    Dospel Styl 100 SK

    Floor Fan Soler Palau TURBO 3000
    Soler Palau TURBO 3000

    Floor fan Daewoo DI-9413
    Daewoo DI-9413

    Consignment fan Blauberg Glory 150-3
    Blauberg Glory 150-3

    Base, column fan Bork P601 (CF TOR 4240 BK)
    Bork P601 (CF TOR 4240 BK)

    Ceiling Fan Vortice Nordik Design 1S 140/56
    Vortice Nordik Design 1S 140/56

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